Since 2011, Mr Meditation has been on a mission to “Reconnect the connected generation” by raising awareness of meditation to help people use technology more mindfully. Mr Meditation has organised several events via social media to help raise awareness, including, flash mob style meditations in London’s Trafalgar Square and Soho Square. Over the last 7 years, our adoption of technology has accelerated and our mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. During this time, there has been an undeniable spike in mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. It is difficult to directly attribute this to our constantly connected, ‘always on’ lifestyles, however there’s no denying, the increased emersion in the digital realm has impacted our mental wellbeing. In 2018, Mr Meditation will be putting more focus on the subject of mental health and the value of cultivating a mindful awareness for enhanced mental resilience and  increased potential for living a full and enriching life.


I’m Rob, an average bloke with an above average passion for sharing the powerful and transformative effects of meditation. I was first introduced to meditation during a personal development course in 2001. This was a time of “soul searching” for me after losing my father to a sudden heart attack. During this time, in the midst of my grieving, I became aware of a void that had appeared within me that was previously occupied by a purposeful intention to be a ‘good son’ in my fathers eyes, an ideal many men naturally strive for by default in their developing years. Fortunately, after this adversity in my early twenties, and having been introduced to meditation, I integrated a regular practice into my daily routine and what followed was the emergence of a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my sense of self and a significantly enhanced present moment or “realtime” awareness. These qualities are synonymous with what is commonly referred to as a mindful awareness or mindfulness.

I love analogies, so I’ll summarise with this: I have come to understand that if we weather life’s shit-storms and make a conscious effort to accept what is, over what we would prefer, the clouds soon pass and reveal a rainbow of perspective, at the end of which, you’ll find life’s most valuable treasures.